Zen Tips

How to make your home a Zen space

zen home pic

Currently we live under a lot of stress due to our daily multiple responsibilities and it is difficult for us to find a moment of relaxation. That is why we should create a space in our home where we can have a Zen moment.

When we think of a Zen space, the first thing that comes to our mind is balance, harmony, meditation and relaxation. I define “Zen Living” as the art of being present and live in the moment.

The Zen style is often associated with minimalism and simplicity. It is, rather, a way to organize the home and create an atmosphere of relaxation. To create a Zen space in your home you can simply follow the following recommendations:

1. Choose earthy colors
2. Choose natural and light fabrics
3. Play with soft and natural light
4. Keep furniture simple and natural
5. Keep ornaments and decorations to a minimum
6. Enhance your room with natural scents
7. Remove electronic disturbances
8. Bring in calmness with green plants
9. Eliminate clutter
10. Avoid any negative energy inside the home

“Zen means to be present, to be in the moment”. “We can only do that by paying attention and being aware” Nydia Marrero, Zen Living Realty Principal

Zen Realty B.Card. Final Back Photo Print


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