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Stress-Free Realty

Stress-Free Realty Blog Post Pic- 4-9-2019

For the indecisive, deciding where to go for dinner can be a nightmare. Do you want Thai or Italian? Takeout or dine-in? What seems like a simple problem can turn into an endless cycle of “I don’t know. You pick.” And when it comes to bigger decisions — like real estate — that overwhelming feeling of indecisiveness can feel debilitating. Guarantee your Orlando realty process is stress-free with Zen Living Realty.

Be Informed
Three or four bedrooms? One or two stories? Do you need a home office? A nursery? How far are you willing to commute? Do you want to renovate? If you’re unsure of what you want in a home, all of the options can be overwhelming, and your real estate agent can’t read your mind. Before you meet with your real estate agent, take some time to reflect on what you picture in your new home. Consider things such as:

● Number of bedrooms and bathrooms
● One-level or multi-level
● Square footage
● Type of housing (condo, duplex, single-family, etc.)
● Distance to work
● Distance to shopping and expressways
● Distance to places of worship
● Walkability
● School districts
● Neighborhood
● Amount of required maintenance and renovation

Be Flexible
Unless you’re building from scratch, it will be difficult to find your dream home (as much as we all dream of a mid-range, two-story, single-family home that has brand new appliances, minimal maintenance, and just so happens to be a five-minute walk from work). Keep your mind open to new ideas, whether that’s an unconventional floor plan or a few necessary upgrades. Don’t concede on major requirements, but be open to compromise.

Be Patient
If the home buying process is anything, it’s long, and most of that time is spent waiting; waiting for the perfect home to go on the market, waiting for answers, waiting for offers, waiting for mortgages, waiting for paperwork, waiting for surveys. It’s important to remember that this is a long process!

Be One With Your Realtor
When buying a house, your Realtor is your rock. They’re the Alex Trebek to you’re Jeopardy; they simply have all the answers. Your Realtor should work with you, get to know you, and understand what you’re looking for in a house. Zen Living Realty develops a relationship with each client, getting to know your needs and ensuring a smooth and relaxing process.

Be Zen
Throughout this process, it’s important to take some time for you. Grab a coffee, go out to dinner, and relax. Check out some of our favorite spots:

● Orange County Brewing: Brewed in-house, Orange County Brewing is a great place to grab a local beer and play some board games.
● Find Your Zen: Yoga is a great way to channel your inner peace. Attend events such as rooftop yoga at The Balcony or take a Thai and Wine Partner Stretching class.
● Oudom’s Thai and Sushi: From fried rice served in a pineapple to every sushi roll imaginable, Oudom’s is a great place to treat yourself to a mouthwatering meal.

Buying a home is an exciting milestone; it shouldn’t be weighed down by stress. Discover peace in Orlando realty by working with Zen Living Realty. We believe that every person deserves top-notch, personalized service. By building a strong relationship with every client, we can help you find the home of your dreams, stress-free. Give us a call at (407) 499-3919 to speak with a Realtor or visit our website and start your VIP home search or to receive a free home valuation!


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First Responders Special Program!

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Hello friends!

I hope you are having an amazing day!

I wanted to share an exclusive new program I am launching that helps the brave men and women known as “First Responders” get into a home of their dreams. The First Responders Appreciation Program saves them $1,000 cash at closing and gets them a free 1-year home warranty! It’s the least I can do to thank them for everything they do.

Who is eligible?

If you have a friend or relative who is looking for a home, and works for the police, is a firefighter, government law enforcement, EMT, nurse or doctor, then let them know we have a specialty program just for them.

What should they do first?

If they have questions, you know I am always here to help. They can call or text my cell at 407-620-6221 or email me directly at

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Our Community Matters

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Since 2009, I’ve had the honor to actively collaborating at several first time home buyer education seminars sponsored by the “Housing and Neighborhood Development Services of Central Florida, Inc. (HANDS)”. HANDS is a private not-for-profit housing corporation serving our local community since 1989 and whose mission is to provide and increase the supply of affordable housing opportunities for the residents of Central Florida.

Some of the services that HANDS of Central Florida offers include:

  • Household Credit and Budget Analysis for Renters or Homeowners
  • Foreclosure Prevention
  • Reverse Mortgage counseling and information
  • Tenant/Landlord counseling for renters
  • City and County Down Payment Assistance Education

And  most of these services are free of charge!

After 10 years of involvement, I have been officially appointed as a new member of the Board of Directors for HANDS of Central Florida. This is my way of giving back some of the opportunities Life (or the Universe) has giving me and for that I am very grateful! As one of my favorite spiritual teachers once said: “It is in giving that we receive” (San Francis of Assisi).

Looking forward to a great 2019! Cheers!

To learn more about HANDS or register for a seminar, visit their website at: HANDS of Central Florida Website

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